Shopping & Errands

As aging seniors reach a point in their lives where they can no longer drive, shopping for groceries and running errands can become increasingly difficult. That’s why our Shopping & Errands service is so important to help our aging seniors remain independent.

How does the Shopping & Errands service work?

Volunteers who use their own vehicles may shop with the client or, if the client prefers, the volunteer may shop on their behalf. These volunteers can also take them to local banks, salons, pharmacies, and care centers, allowing them to maintain important connections with loved ones. 

How often is the Shopping & Errands serive offered?

Our Shopping & Errands service runs as needed.  

What is the cost?

The Shopping & Errands service is absolutely free. We rely on our team of volunteers and donations to help care for our aging seniors.

Where do I start?

If you or a loved one requires help with shopping and errands and lives in the Neighbors Who Care’s service area, you or your loved one may be eligible for the Shopping & Errands service from our dedicated volunteers.

Call Neighbors Who Care 📞 480-895-7133 or visit our Become a Client page.

How can I help?

If you are wanting to be a volunteer and help with our Shopping & Errands service, sign up to join the NWC volunteer team.