The comfort of home and the dignity of independence…At Neighbors Who Care, community volunteers support the elderly with their desire to live fulfilling lives at home for as long as feasibly possible.

Our dedicated volunteers assist the home-bound, disabled, and/or frail elderly in Sun Lakes and South Chandler and treat them with the care and respect they deserve. We fulfill our mission by providing an array of non-medical assistive services to our clients who are typically home-bound due to chronic or severe illness, physical limitations, or hospitalization recovery. Many are full-time caregivers for a loved one.

Neighbors Who Care volunteers are recruited from the communities we serve and are trained and matched with clients to assist with requested services. Volunteers provide assistance in the areas of transportation, shopping/errands, grocery van transport, friendly visitation, reassurance calling, minor home repairs, business assistance, dinner delivery, and caregiver relief/respite. Services provided to enrolled clients by Neighbors Who Care volunteers are free of charge.

Neighbors Who Care continues to closely monitor Coronavirus developments and has implemented measures set by the CDC and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health to ensure the safety of our volunteers, clients and staff.  We ask everyone in our community to wear a mask at all times in public, wash your hands frequently and practice rigorous social distancing whenever possible to minimize viral spread.

As this information evolves, we’ll update this spot on our website.

Appointments must be made on one of two websites for Arizona vaccinations. Currently, those  older than 75 years of age are eligible to register. 

1. Arizona Dept. of Health Services | Visit Website
     a. For this website, you need to sign up for an account. 
     b. If another family member already has an account, you may book an appointment with his/her account.  You do not need a separate account. When booking an appointment, there is an option for  “self” and “dependent or other family member.”

This is a helpful Step-by-Step Instruction Guide (PDF) for navigating the Arizona Department of Health Services website.

2. Maricopa County Department of Health | Visit Website
This website offers options for pharmacies administering vaccines, as well as to the Banner Health registration, for appointments which includes those at the state fairgrounds located in Phoenix.  If  you  are age 65-74 years of age? YOU CANNOT USE THIS SITE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT at this time. You must you the Arizona Department of Health Services website (ABOVE). 

More Useful Vaccine Appointment Information

• It is strongly recommended you sign up with the Maricopa Department of Health emails for updates, here.

• Things are changing quickly, depending upon the amount of vaccines Maricopa County receives. Check back throughout the day to seek appointments. Early mornings are the best.

• If you find an appointment on either the AZ Dept. of Health Services website or through Maricopa County, we urge you to claim that appointment immediately. Appointment slots are filling up so quickly that you may lose the slot by trying to decide if that is a good time for you. Decide ahead of time the days and times you are willing to go for an appointment, and book it.

Vaccines require two doses AND your second dose MUST BE the same brand as your first. As of now, whichever company’s vaccine you received–Pfizer or Moderna–has been available at the original vaccination locations.

• The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is also a good source for information. Visit their website here.

• Please be patient in registering for your vaccine. Take some time to read through all the instructions in the Instruction guide link above, carefully.


COVID-19’s biggest impact on Neighbors Who Care has been on our volunteer roster.  Concerned for their own health, 50% of our regular volunteers are unable to serve at this critical time.  If you know someone willing to give a senior neighbor a ride, pick up groceries or deliver dinner, we need their help! 

Register to volunteer or make a donation today or contact our office at 480.895.7133.

NEIGHBORS WHO CARE is now eligible for donations through Arizona’s Tax Credit Program.

LEARN MORE HERE of how to make a donation and take a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona taxes. Print & send this form for this type of donation, if you wish.