Chill Out this Summer with Digital Devices

As the summer months approach, many aging seniors stay indoors to escape the rising temperatures. While being inside provides relief from the heat, it can also lead to feelings of isolation and boredom, especially for those who are homebound.

For homebound seniors, smart devices can be powerful tools for improving cognitive health, staying engaged, entertained, and connected with the outside world. Whether it’s playing brain-training games, listening to audiobooks, or accessing educational content, seniors can keep their minds sharp and active through digital devices.

But many seniors do know how to make the most out of their iPads or tablets. They may struggle with tasks such as finding apps, installing them, and learning how to use them effectively. Are you someone who enjoys technology and is interested in volunteering this summer? You could make a meaningful difference in the lives of our elderly neighbors through our Friendly Visiting program. By offering your assistance, you can help them unlock the potential of their devices and make the most out of their summer days.

Many of our volunteers are gone this time of year and we need help making sure our seniors don’t get the summertime blues by being bored and isolated.