Ways to Help Aging Seniors Remain in their Homes

What do you do when your loved one wants to remain in their home, but you have concerns?

Our homes are a familiar space that hold many things we treasure including memories. It’s is very difficult when an aging senior knows their days are numbered in the place they have called home for so many years.

Home is where they spend most of their daily lives whether it be alone or with family. It can be a source of security and comfort. So it is no surprise most seniors would prefer to maintain their independence and continue living at home as long as they possible as they age.

Luckily, there are many services and helpful solutions available to help our aging seniors stay in their own homes.

Here are a few independent living solutions which can help aging seniors remain in their home:

Safety is an important factor when determining if an aging senior should stay at home. Make sure there are grab bars in all showers and toilet areas. We have handy helpers ready to volunteer to make sure your loved one is safe. They can install grab bars, change the smoke detector batteries and replace air filters.

Bathing is another concern so make sure everything is handy so there is not a lot of in and out of the shower. Also, make sure you have a non-slip mat or add a stool or chair in the shower just in case one is needed.

Health is always a concern for seniors living home alone. Having a blood pressure monitor and fingertip pulse oximeter can save precious time and give ease your mind of unnecessary worry. Taking medications or supplements is an important part of maintaining good health. Pill dispensers with alarms or a flashing light have proven to be a huge hit. Here are a few organizers to help keep medications and supplements on track: Medisafe is the ultimate pill reminder which is known to be user-friendly. You may also consider these available on Amazon: Electronic Timed Medication Dispenser, Monthly Medication Organizer with alarm system,  or 7 Day organizer with reminder app

Meals should be healthy and easy. Eating a lot of processed foods is not healthy for our brains or body, so consider using a meal service such as Silver Cuisine. We also have volunteers who do dinner delivery Monday-Friday for those who qualify. Store the food and dishes in easily accessible areas so they don’t have to reach too high or low.

Nighttime safety is usually high up on the list of concerns. Consider a bed rail to help get up at night. They may not need it every night, but it’s good to have if and when it is needed. They even have them with handy pockets to keep items close by such as a phone or television remotes. If they wear an smart watch, make sure they charge it during the day so they can have it on at home.

Technology makes advances every day and can help aging seniors remain in their own homes. One such way is to have a medical alert system which sends an alert for help when they fall. Medical Guardian offers options to wear around the neck or on the wrist.

Transportation options is an important part of staying independent because many seniors will need to reduce or stop driving altogether. Getting where they need to go gives them a source of independence and freedom. That’s why we offer transportation to our clients. They can use our van services or a volunteer will take them to run errands or get them to important appointments. (Our services) You can also use services like My Errand Ally that does everything for you.

Assistance for the household chores is also helpful. You may want to consider hiring a housekeeper or having help come in weekly through services such as Visiting Angels, Home Instead or Amada Home Care.

We want to help keep your loved one safe and in their own home as long as possible. Did you know our services help aging seniors remain in their home for up to 5 years longer?

We can’t do this without help so let’s do this together!

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