Support Neighbors Who Care and take a Dollar-for-Dollar tax credit on your Arizona taxes!

The best part about the Arizona QCO tax credit program is the fact that Arizona allows state residents decide which Arizona nonprofits they believe should receive state dollars to fund their mission. It’s a beautiful program that is only offered in some form in four states: Arizona; Colorado; Michigan; and North Carolina. You contribute, up to $421 for single filers for the 2023 tax year, and up to $842 for couples, and claim the credit on your Arizona tax return. Since fewer people itemize under recent years’ federal tax policy, this contribution still has the power to reduce your tax liability with regards to Arizona taxes.

The WORST part of the QCO program? It’s explaining how it works to our supporters or to local Arizona taxpayers.

 If you pay income tax in Arizona, this is a no-brainer plan for helping Neighbors Who Care receive your support and for you to receive a tax credit. It’s that simple. Simply file Arizona Form 321 with your taxes indicating your donation amount, our QCO code is 22246. 

And that’s IT! 

With your contributions, Neighbors Who Care wisely stewards our dollars to keep our doors open and continue caring for the neighbors in our community.

Neighbors Who Care offers 13 different services. Your dollars help:

✅ Fund our Emergency Financial Assistance fund so that we’ll have the dollars to supply our clients’ emergency needs when they are living below the poverty level.

✅ Support our office space–conveniently located right in the heart of Sun Lakes–utilities; software; administrative staff; and social worker services. 

✅ Pay for the tools we use to track our clients, assign volunteers, and maintain our contact information. When clients can’t afford a meal, we make sure they are fed. 

✅ Maintain our agency van offering three shopping trips each week to local stores.

✅ Recruit, orient, monitor, and track our hundreds of volunteers to keep our pipeline of helpers stocked so when the needs roll in, we are ready with able, kind people to help.

This contribution for 2023’s tax year may be made any time on or before Monday, April 15, 2024.

Please consider contributing to Neighbors Who Care sometime before the April 15th deadline. The 500+ elderly clients we help each year and the nearly 400 volunteers who help us get it all done join me in sending appreciation for the gift of dignity in aging in place.