What is it like working with a Placement Agent?

By Lauren Miller ~ Sonoran Senior Placement

As modern medicine continues to increase our longevity, many folks are living well into their 90’s and beyond. Some are able to live independently, while others may need long term care in either an assisted living or memory care. Prior to this transition it’s best to have an idea of what these different types of communities offer and know which is most appropriate.

This is where a Certified Placement and Referral Specialist can help guide you in choosing the best setting for you or a loved one. In today’s digital age we all know what it’s like to search the internet for a restaurant, hotel, rental car etc. and become overwhelmed with the vast choices available. They all may seem like good options, but unless you actually visit them or read reviews it’s hard to get an accurate feel for each one. A Certified Senior Advisor can help navigate through the hundreds of choices and narrow the facilities down to meet your financial, social and medical needs.

Senior placement agents can meet with families at their homes or sometimes at hospitals or rehabilitation centers and gather the appropriate information to determine what type of care is needed. This assessment is crucial and best performed by an agent with a medical background to thoroughly understand the care needs. They can then relay this information to the prospective community to be assured that your loved ones needs will be met.

Many factors need to be taken into consideration –

  • Can someone still live independently with maybe just help for showers or grocery delivery??
  • Does someone have memory deficits but could function in assisted living with a higher level of
  • oversight??
  • Could someone with a feeding tube be managed safely in a residential assisted living instead of
  • moving into a nursing home??
  • Would someone who is a high fall risk be appropriate in a large community??

These are all situations that a qualified placement agent can assess and help you find the least restrictive environment for your loved one where they can thrive.

Having a plan in place prior to an event can take a lot of stress off spouses or family members. Tackling this process alone can be very time consuming and confusing. Meeting with a placement agent sooner rather than later can help you understand this process and learn about the many resources that may be available to you. I personally try to educate and advocate for my clients and make this difficult transition as smooth as possible, and allow them to continue to be the supportive spouse, child, niece etc. while I do the legwork.

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