Sharon Pocian: A Natural Volunteer with a Heart for Seniors

Serving others is part of Sharon Pocian’s DNA. While she has only been volunteering with Neighbors Who Care since December 2022, she has embraced her role wholeheartedly. She has already served our clients on more than 25 occasions, and has added several more service opportunities to her schedule in the coming weeks. And you can tell that she does this out of love and respect for others.

 “I have always had a special place in my heart for seniors,” she says. “They are so appreciative, and it’s truly just a small amount of my time that it takes to offer help to them.”

Sharon continues, “Everyone needs someone to care for them and to respect them. It gives me a good feeling to know that I am helping someone who may not have anyone else there for them. That’s why I enjoy volunteering with Neighbors Who Care.”

After a career in various administrative and supervisory roles for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, Sharon made the move to Arizona to retire. She and her husband Bob came to Chandler 20 years ago and moved to the SunBird community just last year. 

Not one to stay idle, Sharon quickly got involved in SunBird’s Kare Bears group, which provides caring support to residents of this Chandler 55+ community. It was at a Kare Bears meeting that she heard Neighbors Who Care Executive Director Sheryl Keeme speak about the importance of helping homebound seniors as a Neighbors Who Care volunteer. Sharon signed up right away and has been going strong every since. 

But this isn’t Sharon’s first experience volunteering to help seniors. She also spent 8 years as a volunteer with Hospice of the Valley where she provided respite, socialization, and 11th hour services. Once the Covid-19 pandemic hit, she had to put volunteering on hold for a while. When she was ready to jump back in, she was so excited to learn about Neighbors Who Care.

Sharon’s main focus as a Neighbors Who Care volunteer has been providing shopping and errand services. Most recently, however, she signed up to provide respite care, as well, once she heard that there was a great need for this service for our clients and their caregivers. 

“I am so glad that I found Neighbors Who Care and wish that I had found it sooner!” Sharon says. “I invite others to give volunteering with Neighbors Who Care a try. No matter how much time you have to give, just give what you can. It really is a rewarding experience!”

Thank you, Sharon, for all you do for Neighbors Who Care. Your genuine care and compassion shines through and you set such a wonderful example for others!

Are you ready to volunteer and serve our aging seniors? Join our volunteer team today!