Positive Emotions Can Slow Down the Aging Process

It’s so easy to look at our wrinkle here or focus on a new body ache or pain, but when it comes to aging well, your mental health affects your physical health. You probably heard the saying, “What you think is what you become.”  

Your thinking directly affects your quality of life. 

Positive emotions trigger happy senses, which studies have shown can slow down the aging process. Besides, a positive attitude in your thoughts can also help reduce your risk of dementia. 

So, how can we face aging with a positive attitude?

The first thing to do is to understand that a positive mindset is accepting what you cannot change. We can’t turn back the clock or take back hurtful words or actions. Many of us struggle with some past events or current worries. It can be the first thing we think of when we open our eyes every morning. However, doing this starts the day on a negative note and it carries our day with sadness. We may even think talking it out with others, hashing out the tiniest details, will make us feel better. But it doesn’t. And sadly for many, this can easily lead to depression, especially as we age. 

Instead of giving the negatives of our lives time by talking and complaining, replace that energy into speaking positive words. Dwell on thoughts that leave you feeling energized and blessed.

Our thoughts and emotions are active and alive every day and in every stage of aging. Engage the positive ones. Count your blessings as they say. Need help remembering to keep your emotions in check? You might try positive messages or quotes taped on your bathroom mirror or around your home. Or place photos of your precious loved ones around your home and when you look at them remember how blessed you are. 

Positive words build your mental, physical and spiritual health. AND it can slow down the aging process! Now that’s a way to make aging easier!