Keeping Company: Respite Care is Simply Visiting With a Neighbor

Remember the days when the crickets were chirping outside and the kids were scrambling to collect fireflies into jars and sitting on the porch keeping company with the neighbors?

Shooting the breeze was the way we kept in touch before we scrolled through our Facebook accounts or texted friends. There was nothing scary about it and this way, we got to know one another and grew relationships with people up and down the street. It was nothing back then to ask a neighbor to sit with your kid until you picked up a kid at school or retrieved an ingredient from the store for dinner that you forgot.

Neighbors Who Care offers FREE respite care for people who have a hard time getting errands or appointments in because their partner is living with a chronic illness of some kind and cannot stay at home alone. Since Neighbors Who Care has been receiving a higher than typical influx of requests for respite care, we’re working harder than ever to recruit new respite volunteers.

What Does Respite Entail?

If the idea of “taking care” of someone or “watching” them while their loved one is out of the house raises concerns and questions, please allow me to put them to rest. First, respite care does not include any kind of medical help. Second, there is no transferring of the person from bed to chairs or to wheelchairs, nor is there any help with bathroom time or food. The only expectations for respite volunteers is to be alert and awake and to remain with the person. Often the adult may be asleep while their partner is out, or watching TV or simply resting. Volunteers frequently become friendly with the care partner on these visits and look forward to their time together. Our respite is simply the act of sitting with a “neighbor” so if a need arises, or they DO need help, you can call their partner and they can hurry home.

Why not give us a call today and sign up to be one of our respite volunteers. We’d love to have you join us and begin “keeping company” with our wonderful clients.

📞 480-895-7133 or visit our volunteer page.