Improving Social Connections of Aging Seniors Living Alone

Friendships are an important part of our lives no matter what age or stage of life we are in. Numerous studies show we need others, and the experiences we have with them, in order to thrive in life. Some research has even proven older adults with a higher level of social interaction and support have improved emotional, physical and mental health than those who lack social activities with others.

Carla Perissinotto, from the UCSF Division of Geriatrics, says, “It’s intriguing to find that loneliness is independently associated with an increased rate of death and functional decline.” 😳😢

It’s clear a lack of social connecting can be devastating to our health, unfortunately, interacting with others is particularly hard for aging seniors living alone in their home. Many seniors feel like they have no choice because they have no family living nearby or they feel even less social after the death of a spouse or close friends.

Thankfully, living alone does not mean our aging seniors have to be socially isolated. There are numerous ways they can interact with others.

Look for a local senior center, library or a neighborhood clubhouse for activities designed for senior citizens. They offer different activities—games, classes and book clubs perfect for our aging neighbors. Those attend these activities are able to learn a new skill, do a little exercise, boost their mental health and meet new people. Time and time again, we hear how there are many new and meaningful friendships are often found through these interactions.

At Neighbors Who Care, we understand the limitations and difficulties of living alone. It’s easy to lack interaction with others when it’s a challenge to leave the home. That’s why we offer “Friendly Visits” to our aging neighbors. Our caring volunteers enhance the quality of life and relieve loneliness of homebound and disabled persons through on-going and regular visits that are usually once a week.

Do you know someone who lacks social interaction? Let’s work together and connect a volunteer to your loved one!

For more information, call the office at Neighbors Who Care 📞 480-895-7133