Neighbors Who Care Joins the World of Podcasts

What are podcasts?

More and more, smart phones are the device of choice for everyone, even those of us of a certain age. Many of us grew up listening to the radio for entertainment, news, information, homemaking tips, and even to purchase things (sounds a lot like today’s internet!) Today, the podcast has become a popular way to dispense information on endless different topics and since all new phones come with either Apple or Google podcast apps installed, it’s simple to get started listening in seconds.

Solving Life’s Next Chapter – Neighbors Who Care’s podcast

That’s one reason why I jumped at the chance to begin a podcast for Neighbors Who Care with a community partner, Lydia Wietsma of Next Home. Prior to COVID, Lydia had begun a podcast to share cutting edge information on aging for people in their 50s who are navigating aging with their parents and also for people interested in making their next chapter healthier and happier, entitled Solving Life’s Next Chapter. Her focus was to bring experts with topics that we aging folks would appreciate hearing about. My idea was to build on her idea by regularly featuring our Neighbors Who Care volunteers  to learn about them, their experiences before they retired, and to share some of who they are and why they volunteer today. 

If you want to learn to listen to our Neighbors Who Care podcasts or any podcasts, for that matter, just follow these easy instructions. If you have trouble, we may offer some classes if there is interest. If you would like a podcast class, send me an email saying so to:

Learning to Become a Podcast Listener

1. Equipment needed: A smart phone or I-Pad or other tablet; or a laptop.

2. Check your device for a podcast app with an icon like these:



First, find the little magnifying glass at the top for SEARCH and search personalities, topics, and key words for podcasts that are being done by people you are interested in hearing from, or about topics that interest you. Each podcast app divides them into categories which you can browse through. Some of those categories are True Crime; History; Documentary; Health & Fitness; and Sleep, to name a few. Perhaps you enjoy a particular TV personality, sports figure, or author, search them because chances are, they are now doing a podcast. 

In the months ahead, I will be scheduling volunteers to join us on our Solving Life’s Next Chapter podcast. If you would like to give our podcast a try and are a volunteer for Neighbors Who Care, pop me an email and I will get you scheduled to join us! You may have an interest you would like to share with our listeners, or are promoting something in the community.

Finding Solving Life’s Next Chapter on your podcast APP – Our podcast is currently available on your favorite podcast platforms: Apple; IHeartRadio; Spotify; and Pocket Casts, simply search Solving Life’s Next Chapter in their search bar. You can also find the video and audio versions of our Solving Life’s Next Chapter podcast on our Neighbors Who Care YouTube channel.

~Sheryl Keeme