Healing Frequencies for the Mind and Body

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

Everything is connected in this world through energy, including music. 🎶 Music connects us to each other and it can also connect us to our memories. 

The sounds from music travel through the air in measurable waves, called frequencies. These frequencies have an effect on us when they travel into our ears and to our brain. 

Frequencies in music can give us an uplifting or calm feeling while others disrupt brainwave activity causing us to feel stressed and anxious. For instance, your brain will have a different reaction when you play piano music verses hearing a fingernail scrape a chalkboard.  

Playing music is both cheap and effective therapy for all kinds of ailments but especially for those with damaged brain cells resulting in memory loss, Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Music can reach the part of the brain where we hold memories, which is why you loved one may not remember what they did yesterday but they can sing every word to their favorite song from decades ago. They may remember the lyrics, the events, and emotions surrounding music from their past. Even in the late-stages of Alzheimer’s, a person may be able to tap a beat or sing lyrics to a song from childhood. 

Music therapy has become a popular way to help aging seniors. Music can change our moods and cause us to move from a state of agitation, depression, anxiety, to a one of joy and may even include swaying, finger-snapping and singing.  

While you can surely play songs from yesteryear, there are certain frequencies that are known to help “clean up” the brain, give mental clarity or offer cell rejuvenation. These specific frequencies target certain areas of our mind and body. 

Here are a few frequencies and their healing properties: 

40Hz – Increases neural response and stimulates our memory.
174Hz – Reduces stress and pain. 
285Hz – Activates the body into cell regeneration. 
396Hz – Turns negative feelings into positive emotions. 
417Hz – Removes negative energy, including trauma. 
432Hz – Gives mental and emotional clarity. 
440Hz – Improves cognitive development. 
528Hz – Repairs DNA and invigorates the cellular system.
639Hz – Produces positive feelings. 
852Hz- Redirects our minds away from negative thought patterns such as anxiety and depression. 
963Hz –  Helps heal body, mind and soul.

As you can see, there are different frequencies that can be used determining on the area of need. Search for these frequencies in your favorite music app or search for “Frequencies for Dementia Patients” etc. 

Hit the play button and you and your loved one can be on your way to a more positive life. Keep in mind most changes takes place at the cellular level and may not be instantly experienced but patience will have its rewards.