Do you shop at Fry’s? How you help NWC gain donations!

Because others in our community have connected their loyalty card to NWC, we receive more than $1000 a year as a small percentage of all of our friends who shop there.

Did you know $1000 can purchase 125 delivered meals for clients unable to purchase them? That’s the kind of impact your shopping can have!

You can help!

Help us receive even more dollars by registering your VIP card to have all your purchases count toward donations from Fry’s to NWC. It’s so simple! All you need to do is connect your Fry’s VIP Loyalty Card to NWC.

What an IMPACT! Connect your card today to help us make an even bigger impact!

Here’s what to do if you already have a Fry’s account:

> Go to

> Click on Sign In

> Click on MY ACCOUNT

> Scroll down to Community Rewards

> Click Choose or Edit

> Under Select Your Organization, find either by name (Neighbors Who Care, INC.) OR by organization number (SQ892).

> Click Save Changes

LOOK for Neighbors Who Care listed under “Community Rewards” whenever you visit your Fry’s Account Summary page.

If you do NOT have a Fry’s Account, follow these directions:

> Go to

> Click on Register

> Enter your email and create a password.

> Select the Fry’s store location you shop at most.

> Click on “Create Account”

> Enter your Fry’s VIP Card Number or phone number if it’s connected to your card, and your name.

When you go to the Account Summary page after, follow the above instructions to choose Neighbors Who Care, Inc. so that your purchases will count!