Upcoming FREE Conference: Dementia Care without the Fight

Being a dementia caregiver is no easy task. It takes an immense emotional toll on the caregiver, especially when you’re faced with daily challenges that seem insurmountable.

One of the biggest difficulties that dementia caregivers face is the lack of support and resources available to them. Many caregivers find themselves in a situation where they have to provide care without any training or guidance, which can lead to increased stress and frustration.

We know all too well that coping with the daily struggles of caregiving is one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome. That’s why Elaine Poker-Yount with Successful Aging offers classes and conferences. If you are struggling with your role as a Dementia caregiver, you won’t want to miss the upcoming conference: Dementia Care without the Fight with International Dementia Expert and Educator Teepa Snow. This FREE conference will be held on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

Learn new tools and effective strategies that will help you with everyday life.

This full day conference will start with Elaine Poker-Yount, CDP and PAC™ Trainer, as she walks you through the steps to becoming a better care partner. In her session, Becoming a Better Care Partner and Creating Connection you will learn how to better assess different situations, as well as learn to connect more intimately, and meet your partner where they are in the journey. She will offer effective strategies on how to do tasks ‘WITH’ instead of ‘FOR’ our care partner.

After lunch, Teepa will spend the afternoon role playing the everyday difficult situations that can challenge our routines and patience. Watching and learning how to think creatively as a caregiver provides new possibilities for us to meet our clients and loved ones with options their brain can process more effectively.

Challenges she will address include:

  • “I want to go home.”
  • Inaccurate Perceptions and Hallucinations
  • Distressed behaviors and Insecurities

Don’t miss this life-changing event! Free to all family members. For more information and to register, visit SuccessfulAgingAz.com.