Volunteer Spotlight: Ramon Rubio Receives the Crystal Awards

Ramon Rubio: second from the right, standing.

Congratulations Ramon!

At Neighbors Who Care, everyone knows volunteering is our greatest currency. People who live a rich life also know that after the golf clubs are put away and the shuffleboard courts are quiet, many retirees look for a way to be relevant. With all of the good causes, clubs, and events throughout the year, there are many opportunities to choose from. The Crystal Awards were established for the sole reason of recognizing those who have put their time to work for the benefit of others.

Karen Jorgensen, a volunteer helping with the 2023 Crystal Awards explained the concept of the awards. Each year’s nominees are vetted and celebrated by the group of the prior year’s awardees. After the first year of awards were awarded in 2010, the process has continued each year with the exception of the COVID years. December is the deadline for nominations and after the group vets the candidates and makes their decisions, plans begin for the spring banquet to honor the year’s candidates.

This year, Ramon Omar Rubio, a Neighbors Who Care board member and friend, was nominated by Sheryl Keeme, NWC Executive Director. Sheryl has observed Ramon’s day to day generosity with his time in how he helps the agency by driving the van, driving clients in his own vehicle, and acting in his board member capacity, not to mention favors done here and there that most people don’t even notice. And that is only his work with Neighbors Who Care. Ramon is active with the Sheriff’s Posse, his church, and the social group Cheers, plus he also is on speed dial for many Sun Lakes’ residents who occasionally need a little help at home or with transportation.

The Crystal Awards have honored many Sun Lakes volunteers with recognition and accolades for more than ten years. Neighbors Who Care is extremely proud of the cheer number of folks who have been feted for this occasion who have given their time and talents to our homebound seniors. This year is no different.

Congratulations to our own Ramon Omar Rubio for your selflessness, your smile, and your help in providing assistance to our Sun Lakes community making it the greatest place to live for retirees in Arizona!