Collaborative Caregiving: Creating Clarity with a Caregiver Workbook

We know that providing care to our loved ones can come with its fair share of challenges, especially when there is more than one caregiver. It’s not uncommon to find ourselves in occasional disagreements with our sibling, family member, or friend who’s sharing the caregiving responsibilities.

From differing opinions on care levels to managing medications, financial decisions, and more, these disagreements can pop up like unexpected twists in our caregiving path. And let’s not forget the emotional rollercoaster that caregivers often find themselves on – stress, guilt, resentment, frustration… the list goes on.

In order to give the best care to your loved one, make sure each caregiver knows the responsibilities and insure everyone can easily find all the important information you may need.

We can help with our Caregiver Workbook

📖 Download our Caregiver Workbook also known as a standard operating procedure. This workbook lays out all the tasks and responsibilities from daily routines and medication management to those crucial medical appointments and emergency procedures.

Send a copy to each caregiver then hold a heart-to-heart meeting, whether it’s in person or virtual, where all caregivers come together to create a caregiving game plan. Together you can fill out the sheets to insure you are all on the same page. You can also divy up tasks based on what each of you are best at and when you are available.

Maintain open communication with your team and hold regular meetings to go over any changes or challenges that pop up. Be transparent and have honest conversations to reduce conflicts and insure the best possible care for your loved one.


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