Celebrating Caregivers: A Recap of Our Empowering Event

We had an amazing time at our caregiver event where we gathered to support and empower those who give their all in caring for their loved ones. πŸ’• Our attendees were provided with practical information and valuable insights, making it an unforgettable experience.

Our gifted speakers covered a wide range of practical information to empower and support caregivers.

πŸ’™ We explored four powerful challenges commonly faced by caregivers and provided effective strategies to overcome them.

πŸ’š We discussed small yet impactful tactics that can significantly ease stress, ensuring caregivers can care for their loved ones while also looking after themselves.

🧑 Emphasizing the importance of seeking help, we shared helpful ways to reach out to others and take much-needed breaks without guilt.

πŸ’œ We celebrated the uniqueness of each caregiver’s journey, fostering a compassionate environment free of shame or guilt, and encouraging everyone to embrace their caregiver role exactly where they are.

We are so very grateful to the speakers who generously shared valuable information and practical tips with our caregivers, empowering them on their caregiver journey. The knowledge gained at this week’s special caregiver event will undoubtedly have a significant impact on their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


πŸ’™ Kimberly Akers – Amada Senior Care
🧑 Bonnie Kosar – Neighbors Who Care
πŸ’š Joan Marlow – Peaceful, Easy Healing
πŸ’œ Kerri Ann Ronquist – All About You Placement

Special thanks to those who helped pamper our caregivers:
Nikki Shorts – Doterra
Crystal King – Arbonne
Amanda Hendershot – Mary Kay

Thank you to all who joined us in this heartwarming event! Your presence and willingness to share your stories made it an unforgettable gathering of support and care.

Thank you, Clarendale of Chandler, for hosting this event and generously providing us with a fantastic venue and delicious refreshments! Your support made this gathering even more enjoyable and memorable. We truly appreciate your hospitality!

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