The Surprising Link Between Volunteering and Longevity

Can volunteering help you live longer?

For most volunteers, helping others is probably the main reason they volunteer. But did you know helping others helps you?

Volunteering with Neighbors Who Care not only allows you to connect to your community and make a real difference to the aging seniors living there, but it also gives you numerous benefits.

In fact, studies show people who volunteer feel happier and healthier, have less stress and depression, and are mentally stimulated. This study found those who volunteer have a lower mortality rate and showed volunteering appears to reduce risk of death by 25 percent! 😲

Providing assistance to other people gives you so many benefits:


✔ Provides a sense of purpose. 
✔ Helps lower blood pressure thus reducing the risk of heart disease.  
✔ Increases your thinking skills.
✔ Stimulates your mind.  
✔ Manages stress levels.
✔ Combats depression.
✔ Expands your network and gives you a greater relationship satisfaction.
✔ Bolsters your resume.
✔ Raises social and relationship skills.
✔ Increases life span.

Now you can see some of the amazing reasons to volunteer. At Neighbors Who Care, we always need people to bring our aging seniors to the store or important appointments, drop off their dinner order, or stop by for a visit. (See all our volunteer opportunities here).

If you have never volunteered with us, consider signing up today! If you have volunteered with us in the past, maybe it’s time you come back! It may be the pick-up you need in your life!