5 Tips for those Caring for a Senior Loved One from Far Away

Did you know many of our clients have no family close by? When your family is not living nearby, it brings in a whole new set of challenges for the aging seniors and it’s not easy on their family either. 

If you are not living by an aging parent, here’s 5 tips to help care for a senior loved one from far away: 

πŸ’™ Check in daily to ensure your loved one’s needs are monitored and met. It’s important to check in with an aging parent every day, particularly if that individual lives alone. You may need to check in several times a day depending on the state of health. Have a checklist to go over making sure meds are being taken, bills are being paid, etc.

πŸ’š Schedule regular calls with physicians and visiting nurses to keep up to date on your loved one’s health and evolving needs. Many doctor’s offices now have online portals for you to review all appointments, medication and treatments. 

🧑 Visit regularly to make sure changes in health and mobility do not go undetected. Work, raising families, and other responsibilities make it difficult to visit, but it is so important, even if it’s for a long weekend. If you have siblings, you can spread the visits out among family members.

πŸ’› Set up emergency processes and have them written out for your parent(s) to see. You may also need to consider an emergency alert system or Apple watch (S.O.S, fall detection, etc.) to support safe and independent living. 

πŸ’œ Help start the process for Neighbors Who Care to help. We are committed to providing quality in-home assistance to seniors, enabling them to maintain a comfortable lifestyle with independence and dignity.

We Care For
β€’ Homebound – permanently or short term
β€’ Physically limited, frail, lonely
β€’ Recovering from surgery and/or hospitalization
β€’ Caregivers – providing relief for full time caregiver
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