3 Tips to Help Transition into Caring for an Aging Parent

What do you do when an elderly parent suddenly needs more help from you? We know adding more to your life can be overwhelming. 🥴 You already are being pulled in multiple directions with your job, health, social calendar not to mention the needs of your own children/grandchildren.

But now you have found yourself dealing with your parent(s) needs, understanding the options, and making decisions. So, how do you navigate this new journey?

Here are three tips to help prepare you transition into caring for your aging parent(s):

1. Educate Yourself
Take a step back to understand what kind of help your parent needs with everyday life—physically and emotionally. Educating yourself means helping your elderly parent(s) get the best support and assistance available to them for their particular needs. There are numerous blogs and agencies that can help you help your parent(s).

Our resource page is a great place to start: 👉🏼https://neighborswhocare.com/resources/

2. Keep Track with Journals and Checklists
Sometimes it’s hard to keep everything in order and the long list clutters your mind. Writing items down takes that information out of your overloaded brain. Your parent(s) are going to have doctor appointments, medications to fill, and nutritional needs. You may want to track items such as medications they take, symptoms you see, what their food intake is, etc. Having daily checklists will keep track of all your their needs and ensure they receive all they need. Journalling and checklists will also help others who will be stepping in to care for your elderly parent(s).

3. Ask for Help When You Need It
It can be a struggle keeping it all together and you are going to need help. Here at Neighbors who care, we have a community of volunteers ready to assist you! We can help with friendly visits, dinner delivery, running errands or taking them to their doctor or therapy appointments. You are not being selfish by asking for help or making time for you to rest and restore. 😁 Whatever you need, ask for some guidance along the way.

Let us help! 👉🏼https://neighborswhocare.com/services