Making Care Decisions for Elderly Loved Ones

Are you concerned about a loved one’s declining health? Have you noticed a few things in their actions and your conversations with them that make you go hmmm? πŸ€”

The things of concern may not be something requiring immediate medical care or placement in an elder care home, but they are worrisome. Knowing what is going on in your loved one’s health and making a plan will help ease the stress.

If you haven’t already done so, speak with their primary care physician to determine if there’s cause for taking more action. The things you are noticing may be due to any number of factors, including reactions to medications, an unhealthy diet or even loneliness. Or they could be signs of early onset dementia, or some other illness which is hard to determine without a medical assessment.

Once you have assessed the situation, it may be time you need to have a difficult conversation with them about the next steps. Interceding in an elderly loved one’s care is never easy. πŸ˜” They spend a lifetime caring for themselves and making decisions on their own so when someone else steps in, even if it is a family member, it’s not easy for them.

Once you have a better handle on the issue(s) at hand, you can make a plan for going forward. Depending on the particulars, they may just need assistance with certain tasks such as running errands, grocery shopping, meal preparation and bill paying. Many times the helping hand needed is something a family member or friend can provide. But what do you do when that is not an option?

We are Neighbors Who Care and we are here to help! πŸ’™ πŸ’š 🧑  Did you know our clients are able to stay in their home an average of 5 years longer because of the services we offer?

We Care For:
β€’ Homebound – permanently or short term
β€’ Physically limited, frail, lonely
β€’ Recovering from surgery and/or hospitalization
β€’ Caregivers – providing relief for full time caregiver

We offer:
Transportation β€’ Shopping & Errands β€’ Dinner Delivery β€’ Respite β€’ Visiting β€’ Reassurance Calling β€’ Van Driving β€’ Office & Clerical β€’ Education Planning β€’ Event Planning β€’ Minor Repair β€’ Business Help

Our hope is that these services ease your load and help your loved one with the things they need. Sometimes introducing a helping hand on these tasks can be easier than premature placement in an elder care home or facility. Our case manager can help you and your loved one though an assessment of your loved one’s needs and give appropriate referrals when they need help in an area not provided by NWC.

What do you need help with? Give us a call πŸ“ž 480-895-7133 or visit our website πŸ‘‰πŸΌ